Chats have become one of the most popular channels of communication and now you have the possibility to use it to get in touch with the visitors to your website. Users will see a small icon that displays the chat window in the bottom-right corner of your website. It’s a great way of providing your customers or potential customers with real-time assistance.


  1. Log in to the Synerise application.
  2. Go to Settings icon Settings > Tracking Codes and create a new tracking code.
  3. Go to Settings icon Settings > Chats and add as a whitelist domain.
  4. In the same Chats section, adjust the chat settings to your preferences.



The SNRChat class is responsible for defining the appearance and options.

Parameter Type Default Description
navigationBarBackgroundColor UIColor UINavigationBar background color
navigationBarTitleColor UIColor UIColor.white UINavigationBar title color
navigationBarTitle String ‘Chat’ UINavigationBar title
closeButtonHorizontalAlignment SNRChatCloseButtonHorizontalAlignment SNRChatCloseButtonHorizontalAlignment.left
closeButtonTintColor UIColor UIColor.white Close button color
closeButtonText String ‘close’ Close button text
closeButtonImage UIImage nil Close button image
errorText String ‘An unknown backend comunnication error has occurred. Try again in a moment.’ Default error text
errorTextColor UIColor Error label color

Public Interface

load() - Starts loading the chat data.

show() - If the widget is loaded, the chat is shown. Otherwise it shows loading indicator.

hide() - Hides the chat window.


SNRChatDelegate is used to inform developers about the state of a chat.

  • snr_chatIsLoading(isLoading:) - Called when the chat loading state changes. It's an optional method.
  • snr_chatDidLoad() - Called after the chat is loaded. It's a optional method.
  • snr_chatDidNotLoad(error:) - Called when an error occurs while loading. It's an optional method.


class ChatLoader {
	static var: Chat!

	static func showChat() {
		chat = Chat(trackerKey: "YOUR_TRACKER_KEY")
		chat.navigationBarBackgroundColor = UIColor.gray
		chat.navigationBarTitle = "Chat"
		chat.navigationBarTitleColor = UIColor.white
		chat.closeButtonHorizontalAlignment = .left
		chat.closeButtonImage = UIImage(named: "icon_close_black_small")!
		chat.closeButtonTintColor = UIColor.lightGray


	static func hideChat() {

		chat = nil

extension ChatLoader: ChatDelegate {
	func snr_chatIsLoading(isLoading: Bool) {

	func snr_chatDidLoad() {

	func snr_chatDidNotLoad(error: Error) {


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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.