The 7-day AI Launch Plan

Put the power of AI-driven search, recommendations, and personalization to work in just one week

In the world of ecommerce, every competitive advantage counts. At Synerise, we’re on the leading edge of innovation for the most powerful tool there is for online enterprises—Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a key component of the digital transformation of any business, but has special relevance and benefits for ecommerce. The oceans of data generated every day—every second—by consumers as they move through both online and offline spaces is too much for conventional computing methods to process, analyze and turn into business insights. Only AI-powered algorithms can dive in and separate the signal from the noise, the useful data from the distractions, and deliver real visibility into consumer preferences. With that information, you can then craft a hyper-personalized customer experience at a scale previously impossible. AI can make sure that every visitor to your site and every returning customer has their own customized path and content, based on information about their behavioral and purchase histories. This kind of tailored marketing message is the shortcut to accelerating progress in the purchase funnel, driving conversions and building customer loyalty.

In short, it’s the path to success.

Synerise is now offering a simple and easy way to integrate our solutions into your ecommerce operation and see results in just seven days.

A week from now, your online sales can be transformed into a highly efficient process that delivers exactly what customers are looking for. Your search results, product recommendations and content can be optimized in a way that only algorithms powered by AI can deliver. A quick implementation and configuration is all that’s separating your online store from joining the businesses that are already using next-generation solutions for delivering the best customer value.

Ready to learn more? Here’s the simple path you can take to start using the power of AI.

AI objectives

Day 1 - Implementing a product feed

Provide data about your products and customer behavior: prepare a product feed, check og:tags on the website, implement the tracking code and transactional events.

Start with building the foundation with information about your products and setting up the proper events.

Read more about product feed integration

Day 2 - Training the first models

On the second day, we can start training the first models: similar and visual recommendations based on the product feed. Recognize customers by tagging forms, configure email, sms and web push campaigns to prepare the foundations of the omnichannel experience.

AI algorithms start learning, your customer base is indexed and your automated communication channels are set up and ready for future campaigns using AI.

Training first AI models

Day 3 - Implementing the first recommendations

Implement first recommendations on the product page and import historical transaction data.

AI is already at work on your site and brings the first effects but also continues to learn from customer histories.

Read more about importing your historical transaction

Train cart and recommendation models, deploy product sets and AI search.

AI goes further, optimizing content displays and recommendations, helping clients to make better decisions and save time.

AI Search Settings

Day 5 - Training more models

Train more models and refine recommendations.

Now you’re delivering highly precise recommendations and product suggestions. This is the time to optimize ongoing campaigns, implement cart recommendations and new campaigns.

Day 6 - Implementing AI in email campaigns

Send automated emails with recommendations and focus on automated messages triggered by specific customer actions.

Your system knows which customers are more likely to respond to certain offers through automated campaigns and you can reach customers with recommendations even when they’re not on your site.

Read more about e-mail campaigns

Day 7 - Refining personalized recommendations

Perfect personalized recommendations, add personalization to AI Search, apply AI to remarketing.

Now every aspect of your ecommerce is powered by fully trained AI algorithms, you’re delivering highly precise recommendations and product suggestions based on customer behavioral data, which further boosts the accuracy of the AI search engine and remarketing campaigns.

Read more about personalized recommendations

Analyze the results

We can’t skip the role of analytics in this 7-day plan. Integration with the AI module and campaign implementation must be supported by an analysis of the effects they bring. This is why it is important to check the results and metrics of individual campaigns, things like impressions, clicks, the quantity of the products bought from recommendations and the number of transactions made. For the best analysis of the effects of the campaign, it is best to use control groups.

Analyze the results

What’s next?

When your Synerise solution is operating at full efficiency, there are a number of use cases that can be deployed to enhance your conversions and revenue.

  • When a word is misspelled in a search bar, AI can make informed guesses about what the user had in mind and show display the appropriate products.
  • Don’t go yet! Automated exited pop-ups can display personalized products based on customer interests.
  • Your automated email campaigns can be boosted by recommendations. Send complementary products related to recently-purchased products, or similar to last-seen items.
  • Save abandoned carts with reminders and complementary products based on items placed in carts.
  • Create dedicated landing pages with personalized offers and send them to customers who left your website without making a purchase.
  • Set up product comparisons using AI to help customers make the right choice for them.
  • Activate recommendations for visually similar products.
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