In Synerise, you can create various types of analytics, such as aggregates and expressions, that calculate customer actions within a Business Profile. You can work with metrics, which allow you to analyze the events; and with AI-powered recommendations, to offer your customers exactly what they want.

To make use of those features to the fullest, you can use them as inserts while creating content for your e-mails, website or even mobile.

In conjunction with Jinjava engine templates, you can design complex conditions or convert the content of inserts into communication with customers.

Note: Jinjava is a Java-based template engine based on the django template syntax, allowing the separation of application logic from its presentation layer. The principle of Jinjava operation consists in placing tags in a campaign’s source files. The tags then replaced with content generated by the application. The system allows the use of control structures (tests (if), loops (for), etc.). It comes with an easy-to-use filter system.