Action nodes explained

This type of nodes allows users to define what kind of actions happen in response to circumstances defined in an automation.

Usage guidelines

  • Actions cannot be used as a starting point of an automation.
  • Actions are not tracked in automations by default. If you want to have statistics or include information about the movement of a customer to a specific action on a client card, you need to turn this option on in the settings of an action.
  • You can define how many times an action can be repeated when a customer goes through the same path again.

Actions can be divided into four categories:


These nodes allow sending messages to customers in an automated way in four communication channels.

  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Send Mobile push
  • Send Webpush

Customer data changes

These nodes allow updates of customer attributes and generating events for customers.

  • Update Client
  • Send Client Event


These nodes allows sending text messages or emails to the chosen phone numbers and emails.

  • Email Alert
  • SMS Alert


This type of nodes allows you to either create your own custom action if the available nodes don’t satisfy your needs or send requests from Synerise to external systems.

  • Custom action
  • Webhook