Statistics and tracking automation events

Automation statistics let you examine how many customers reached and passed particular nodes. You can use this to evaluate the effectiveness of your workflow, but also for troubleshooting.

Note: Statistics are available only in workflows that were started at least once. Pausing, modifying, and resuming a workflow does not reset the statistics.

To access the statistics:

  1. Go Automation > Workflows.
  2. Open a workflow.
  3. In the upper-left corner above the canvas, click Analytics.
    The analytics may take a few seconds to load.
    Result: The view displays how many customers entered each of the nodes.
  4. To see detailed statistics of a node, double-click it.
    Result: A panel with the detailed statistics opens. Each node node contains information about how many customers entered and completed (executed) the node. Additional information depends on the type of node and may include data such as:
    • how long it takes to reach this node
    • how many customers who began the workflow reached this node
    • if there were any errors in processing the node
    • CTR
    • and more
  5. Triggers and End nodes only: To see a list of profiles who completed this node, in the upper-right corner click Open in Profiles.


Statistics of a Profile Filter node
Example: statistics of a Profile Filter node
Statistics of an Outgoing Integration node
Example: statistics of an Outgoing Integration node

Event tracking

In the Automation module, each activity (movement between steps in the workflow) of the customer is translated into events and listed on the customer profile.

All activities connected with Automation are tracked by default. You don’t have to enable tracking manually, the events related to moving between the steps in the workflow will be available in the Analytics module and on the activity list on a customer profile (they are subject to retention).

  • Events are kept in the database for a retention period that differs between workspaces. To check the retention of a particular event type, contact your system administrator.
  • Activities connected with automation steps may appear with a slight delay due to overloads caused by increased traffic. This has no impact on workflow execution.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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