Dynamic content

Dynamic content is a feature that adjusts the content of your website to the preferences of the visitor.

The scope of personalization depends on the variety of data you have about the visitors to your website. Basic data, such as first name, date of birth, location gives you scope to display the content on your website as if it was prepared for a particular visitor on the word level. A good example of such personalization is using the visitor names in greetings.

This feature, however, can be used for more advanced personalization, as it can include product recommendations or display the data based on the analyses you can create in Synerise such as the number of collected loyalty points.

You can dedicate specific campaigns for segments of customers based on behavioral data, their activity on the website, and so on.


A tracking code implemented into your website.

Business benefits

  • Connecting on a personal level with your customers
  • Increasing the engagement of visitors
  • Improved lead conversion
  • Easy and simple content management on your website