Lesson 4 Analytics


This chapter will lead you through one of the most exciting features of the Synerise platform. Soon you will learn that with our analytics, you can achieve incredible business results. Dive in and discover the many opportunities it offers.

One of the most important aspects of the campaigns you lead is whether they are measurable. If you can measure the results, you can optimize the effects and reaction time crucial for the campaign success.

In Synerise we differentiate a few types of analytics;

  • segments
  • funnels
  • metrics
  • histograms
  • trends
  • geoanalytics
  • expessions
  • aggregates
  • dashboards
  • reports

All of them will be described in next steps.

Target group

This chapter might be useful for everyone who want to start working with analytics; build analysis, monitor effectiveness of campaigns and KPIs. It might be useuful generally for members of marketing, product teams but also members of the board.

Learning objectives

From this chapter you will learn:

Arrow down iconhow to create segmentations,

Arrow down iconhow to create metrics, trends, aggregates and expressions,

Arrow down iconhow to build dashboards.

Screenshot presenting analytics

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