STEP 1 Brief preparation

In this case, a Campaign is understood as a set of marketing activities, created to achieve the intended effect, using various communication channels / media (SMS, email, mobile / web push, etc.) The table below should be used in the case when we use, e.g. a Black Friday campaign, in which the customer performs a few activities within one campaign.

Activities Examples Responsibility
General KPI for whole campaign Increase in sales, Increase in brand awareness
Communication channels in the campaign email, SMS, mobile push
Campaign scenario by communication channels Description of campaign brief
Campaign materials Segments - Synerise, Design - External Agency, Scenarios - Client Analytical part: Synerise, Content part: Client/Agency

Our Partner/Clients should make a use of our materials in the Help Center to meet the requirements needed to use a specific channel. For example, to start sending SMS messages using our platform he should first integrate with an SMS provider, create SMS account etc.

All the requirements can also be found in this Partners Guide.

Brief template

A Brief should be sent to the profile at the beginning of our work on a specific campaign. A completed template should be also added to JIRA. Briefs are used generally in campaigns in which we use only one communication channel.

The goal of the campaign Campaign name + business background
The scope of the campaign Campaign description; what we want to achieve? In which term?
Target group To whom we target our campaign? (e.g. peop le who have visited our website since last Monday)
Duration Duration of the whole campaign (e.g. from 1st-31st August)
Display setting Where it should be displayed? (e.g. specific product category/section on the website)
Display setting - exclusion Where it should not be dispayed?
Display method - place on the page e.g. in the upper right corner
Display method - time and limits How long it should be visible for specific user? (e.g. it should start after 5 seconds. Capping: 3 times a day for specific user)
Templates Templates ID if the campaign is based on the template created in Synerise earlier.
Analytics (KPIs) Criteria for success: How will we know that the goal has been achieved? What do we want to analyze? The scope of data that is relevant for campaign evaluation (KPI)
Control group A global control group is necessary to properly measure the effectiveness of the campaigns displayed on the page. How we will measure it?
Repository Link to content from the repository (graphics, coupons, etc.)

Sending the events to Google Analytics

If you want to measure the effects of your campaign you should send the events to your Google Analytics. Below you will find the instruction how it should be done.

'event': 'Synerise', 
'eventcategory': 'onsite marketing', 
'eventaction': 'wartosc1', // impression, click, join, close 
'eventlabel': 'wartosc2', // campaign (ID, name) 
'eventlabel2': 'wartosc3', // name of the funcionality, control group/test group 
name of the functionality-  
campaign ID- 

After the campaign – measuring the effects

Activity Examples
Testing the campaign Below you will find the steps in which you should test your campaign. E.g. To test your campaign, you have to: 1. Visit the website ABC 2. Fill the form on the pop up which will be visible after 5 seconds and subscribe the newsletter 3. Check in CRM if the account was created
Analytics/Reports Preparation of the dashboards, reports, analyst for campaigns presenting clearly the results of the campaign and the impact on the previously specified KPIs
Analytics and business insights Drawing conclusions from the reports above, which will be useful in future campaigns

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.



Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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