Managing items

I can't upload a catalog

Check if you have a minimum of 2 columns in the file and the format of your file is .csv (values separated by commas). The CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded. Remember that one of the columns must include unique keys, for example customer IDs, product SKUs, or some other unique identifier for the entry (CSV row). When uploading the file to Synerise, the system will ask you which column includes the keys.


I can't upload a code pool file

Check if your file is made up of one column, being the list of coupons, and that each coupon is unique. Also, note that your .csv file must be UTF-8 encoded and should not exceed 100 000 coupons. If you want to upload more than 100 000 coupons, do more imports in separate .csv files.

I can't edit a code pool file

Code pools cannot be edited. You can delete a code pool and upload a new one to replace it.

I have a problem with using attributes

Check if the property type of your attribute is correct.


Check if the property type of your attribute is correct. For example, if you add attributes that define marketing agreements and accept the following values: 1 for “yes” and 2 for “no”, choose the number property type.

Note: If you didn’t find the answer to your issue, please collect all relevant information and provide our help desk with examples or screenshots.