Customers data access from 3rd party systems


The ability to view customer profiles can help call centers. With access to a customer’s entire history, call center employees can better advise the customer on the chat messenger or helpline. They will see the customer’s history, their purchases and complaints, allowing them to communicate with customers more effectively.  They can identify customers through their phone number and display online and offline purchase histories.

We can integrate with any call center system thanks to our API. Customers must have a telephone number in the CRM - they are recognized when they contact the call center.

Offline stores

If the user is identified via the mobile application, Wi-Fi, or after a transaction, the cashier or salesperson can look at the customer’s profile, transactions, and data related to products viewed. As a result, the salesperson in the store will be able to better serve the individual, know whether they are a premium customer (choosing more expensive products), or someone who likes the color red. Knowing the customer recommendations prepared by the system,TAK will allow salespeople to suggest better-matched products and increase the level of customer service. 

You are able to see customer’s transaction history.

Screenshot presenting access to customers data

Also you are able to see a customer’s recently viewed products.

Screenshot presenting access to customers data

Example of use

Giving call center agents better knowledge about the customer and next best offer will improve sales performance. Synerise identifies customers by creating a unique ID for each one and presenting the relevant data to the CC agent. We track all customer activity in one place, from website and mobile, then send this data to the CC customer profile. We can identify the source channel, campaign or website/landing page before the customer contacted the CC. In this way you are able to recognize a VIP customer and send an alert in real time that a VIP customer has entered a particular webpage and is interested in, for example, a mortgage loan. Then call center can call them and have higher probability that this customer can be interested in specific offer.

Tip: The primary customer identifier is their email address. If a customer, using an existing email address in your database, provides new data the profile will be updated.

Screenshot presenting call me back with identification


  • 30% improvement in sales performance at inbound call center after implementing this solution.

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