Campaign with NPS analysis

Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a brand’s customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and is correlated with revenue growth. 

  • Pay less attention to the score, since at this point in time it may be less relevant than before. Instead, focus on open questions and customer feedback. Find out what specific aspects of your brand customers liked or, on the contrary, what aspects they wanted to see differently. 
  • If you are a large company with a considerable number of customers, do not send the survey to all your customers at once. It’s better to survey too few people than too many at first.

When is the right moment to send it?

  • After the purchase: Send NPS surveys right after the purchase. An immediate reply will give you relevant feedback.
  • Post free trial: When a customer subscribes for a free trial, but decides to discontinue as a paying customer, it can be a strong indicator that the on-boarding process or the product itself needs urgent improvements. Don’t be afraid to ask about the dislikes, too.
  • Exit survey: If your customer decides to leave the page after using it for a while, they may have come across significant mistakes. Take the opportunity to re-engage them by asking for feedback. Even if you can’t stop them from leaving, ask them in order to understand the common reasons that made them churn.

NPS survey: website

Add a pop-up on your website that will appear when the customer wants to leave the site. Put a few questions regarding page evaluation, convenience of information search and attractiveness of the offer. Thanks to this simple method, you’ll learn why clients leave your online store or website and which elements need improvement.

You can also send thanks-for-shopping messages and request customer feedback about the product or service itself. If a customer gives negative feedback, you can direct the matter to customer service to learn more. 

Screenshot presenting nps survey

NPS survey: mobile

Thanks to the possibility of creating surveys, you can, for example, find out how customers who have purchased your product rate the entire checkout process. This allows you to verify which customers are not satisfied and how, in their opinion, the whole experience process can be improved. An example can be an application that allows you to order a parcel and then follow the entire delivery process. The survey in this case is extended to different customer segments and the main goal is to test customer satisfaction depending on the business profile, place of residence and type of shipment.

How to do it

Check whether your customers are happy with your service. What did they like? How can you improve? Email them or show them dynamic content on the website as soon as possible while it’s easy for them to give an opinion (for example after the purchase). Show the customers that you count on their review and re-engage them with a link to a customer satisfaction survey.

Screenshot presenting automation

Automation blocks in this template:

  • Trigger – placing an order online,
  • Delay – for example two days or just after the purchase,
  • Client filter – customer picked up the order in the last two days or has just made a purchase,
  • Action - send and email or display the dynamic content with a request to review the online order and fill the survey.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.