Recommendations on an empty basket

Not every customer on your website converts. Some of them leave their basket empty after deleting products from it. You should remember to use every valuable place on your website to encourage customers to make a purchase and an empty basket is one of them. A empty shopping cart page is definitely a place with sales potential that usually remains unused.

Why do customers leave behind an empty basket?

  • They added something to their shopping cart during a previous visit and they want to check it, but its content has already expired.
  • They checked the contents of their basket, after which they decided to remove all products from it.
  • They do not know what the online shopping process looks like or they just have clicked it by accident.

In all of these cases you can optimize the empty shopping cart page and help the customer find the products they need thanks to personalized recommendations. Our algorithms implemented in the basket could help them make a choice and make a purchase. Recommendations that present personalized products based on previous purchases or recently viewed items can be more effective than simply leaving the space empty.

Example of use - Retail industry


A customer from the retail industry decided to present product recommendations on an empty basket page. On average, 400 people a day landed on the site with an empty basket, so it was worth displaying a personalized offer where they could find products selected for them and encouraging them to finish the purchase process.

Our client already had products ready based on trends for a given season and decided to extend it with personalized products. Those products were selected based on each customer’s behavioral history.

We prepared a campaign with personalized recommendations, where additional “see more” button was added. If the customer clicked the button, he was redirected to a landing page with more products selected for him.

Screenshot presenting recommendation on an empty basket


  • 34% CTR
  • 16% average conversion


  1. Basic elements necessary for AI integration:

    • Synerise Tracking Code implemented on the website
    • Product feed
    • Transactional events
    • OG tags
  2. A unique ID into which dynamic content will be injected on a page with an empty basket.

How to do it

  1. First of all, when you meet all the requirements from the list above, you should prepare an AI campaign with personalized recommendations. Learn more about creating AI recommendations.

  2. Then, prepare dynamic content campaign, which will be displayed on an empty basket page.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.