Increasing the value of ratings on external websites

Online shopping gives customers huge opportunities to compare offers between different e-commerce sites and to search for the best price. Many online services, like price comparison websites, offer access to reviews and average ratings of a given store. Low rates can discourage potential customers from buying in a particular store.

Generally, it is often dissatisfied customers who make the effort to express their opinion, while people who have successfully completed the purchasing process are not motivated to share their positive experiences. In this way, a store’s opinion can be easily damaged, so it is so important to maintain its good rating.

A good idea is to encourage your loyal and satisfied customers to leave their opinion and reviews to collect more feedback and make your ratings higher. To do this you need to use some kind of reward, like a discount or any other special offer which will be added to the customer’s account if he leaves his feedback.

Tip: It is worth mentioning that an additional benefit from this campaign is that you encourage your customers to make another purchase, especially if your reward is only available for a specific amount of time, for example one month.

Example of use - Home appliances industry


One of our clients from the Home Appliances industry noticed that the ratings of their store on a popular price comparison website began to decline. They decided to involve more customers to evaluate their services.

They prepared an automated process in which, after the transaction and receiving the order, the customer got an email encouraging them to leave reviews on the website. As a gift, the user received a discount of a certain amount on future purchases, and additionally participated in the contest in which they could win a voucher for a higher amount.

Screenshot presenting ratings on external sites


  • After introducing this solution, the average ratings per month increased from 1.1 to 4.3.

Screenshot presenting ratings on external sites


To implement this use case you have to meet a few conditions:

  • Send transactional events and changes in order status to Synerise.

Learn more about custom events.

  • Integrate email accounts to be able to send email campaigns to your customers.

Learn more about creating email templates.

How to do it

  1. Create an email template which will encourage customers to add their opinion.

    Tip: If you want to prepare an additional promotion for customers who will leave their opinion by email, you should also add the button which will redirect them to the landing page explaining the promotion rules.
  2. Add a filter to check if the customer has received the order - only then will he be willing to express his opinion. To apply such a filter, you have to send to Synerise an event with the status of the order.

  3. Prepare automation in which the transaction will be your trigger, and the action will be sending an email prepared earlier. You can use in this automation the filter mentioned above to be sure that the email will be send only to people who received their orders.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.