Social proof mix; product ratings, availability and visits

Using the concept of social proof in online marketing activities is an extremely effective method of increasing your e-commerce revenue. It’s very important to emphasize that a community has accepted the product and it is worth recommending.

A social proof mechanism on the site builds your brand’s credibility and shows you that there are many satisfied customers who use your services. This is very important in the context of sales. In addition to reviews, you can also use different ways to show that your product has value. With the help of Synerise you can personalize and customize such messages depending on the context.

Example of use - Home appliances industry


One of our clients from home appliances industry decided to use a variety of different types of information in a Social Proof campaign, which, thanks to the appropriate context and display priorities, created a coherent message tailored to customer needs.

Three factors were used:

  • The number of people who view a product

  • The average product rating on the website

  • The number of available items in the store

The logic of displayed messages was based on prioritizing them:

  1. If the number of available products in the selected store was below 10, then the displayed message would be:

    Screenshot presenting social proof mix

  2. If the customer didn’t choose a store or the number of available products was more than 10, the product rating was displayed. We display the rating only if it is higher than 4, in other case we display only traffic info. If the average product rating was higher than 4 stars, then the best-rated comment was also displayed.

    Screenshot presenting social proof mix

  3. However, if none of the conditions above were met, we displayed a message to the user about how many people were viewing the product at a given time (if the number was bigger than 5).

    Screenshot presenting social proof mix


  • 13% increase in average daily revenue within 4 days of launching the campaign

  • 5.12% conversion increase

  • 9% increase in average basket value


  • Synerise Tracker
  • Implementation of OG tags
  • The website must enable product ratings and have information about the availability of products in the store

How to do it

  1. Prepare a metric with a dynamic key that will count the number of visits in every product card in the last 90 minutes (optional).

  2. Prepare a dynamic content campaign, in which you will use the previously created metric and implement a mechanism that prioritizes messages. Also, in the campaign you should gather information about the product rating and its availability in selected stores.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.