Welcome to the Synerise First Steps!

We’ve prepared this handy manual to help you better understand our system and enable a smooth and quick start with Synerise.

Inside you will find various materials from our knowledge base, including webinars and use cases. The goal is to easily communicate how Synerise works and how to use it. After all lessons you can go to the last section with Synerise Certification Program. Our certification can help to supplement your experience with a solid foundation.

Important: This Guide only covers the first steps in Synerise. If you want to learn more advanced features, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the materials at , we also invite you to take part in our dedicated trainings.**

How to use this Guide

  1. Follow the material step by step without skipping any lesson. Synerise Client Success and Implementation team experts have carefully prepared the order of the lessons so that it is easy to understand how to use Synerise. Read and watch the instructions in the specified order.

  2. Pay attention to the additional online materials which we add in every chapter. These are very important additional pieces of information. In every chapter you will find four types of content:

    • Links to our knowledge-base and documentation – where you will find all details and technical instructions
    • Videos – video materials created by our experts which give you a wider perspective and show you examples of use
    • Use cases – which will show you examples of specific features and modules

    Be sure to read and watch all of them!

  3. After every chapter we have prepared task and extra questions to confirm that you understand specific lesson.

  4. In case of questions you can always contact us at any time - directly or via Service Desk.

Depending on your engagement and resources, you should be able to complete the course in 1 to 2 weeks.

Important: To see the answers to the specific task, you have to have SYNERISE DEMO ACCOUNT.

This account is available for our Employees, Clients and Partners. If you are not one of them, contact us and we will let you know what to do!

Enjoy your learning process!

Synerise Team

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