Business Profile or Your Account

I can't add another user or contact

Contact the administrator of your account for additional permissions.

I invited a new user, but they did not get an invitation email

Make sure you’ve entered the proper email address. If the email address was correct, describe your problem to our support center.

I forgot the password to my account

You can reset your password. On the Login Page, under the Login and Password fields, click the Forgot your password? button.

Password reset button on login page

Fill in the Your email address field and submit the form by clicking Reset. A confirmation email is sent to the provided address.

Email address for password reset

Click the RESET PASSWORD button in the received email. Enter the new password, repeat it, and click the Change password button. You can now log in using the new password.

API key

API key is not working

Check the access scope of the given API key. The API key menu is available here. To add an API key, you need to specify the name, audience, scope, and roles.

Note: If you didn’t find the answer to your issue, please collect all relevant information and provide our help desk with examples or screenshots.