Coupon for membership anniversary

The main reason why it is worth having a loyalty program is to retain customers by rewarding them for their repeat purchase behavior. Also, customers appreciate such programs because they can get access to rewards and special offers.

Setting up loyalty programs can help improve your brand recognition, increase growth and improve customer service.

It is also worth remembering special days for your club members, not only their birthday, but also membership anniversary, which can be a great opportunity to send them special rewards like coupons.

Example of use - Retail industry

A customer from the footwear industry has had a customer club for several years and makes special offers and promotions available to members. They decided to show their appreciation for such clients by sending them an email on the anniversary of joining the club. Each email contained an individual rebate code.

Screenshot presenting anniversary coupon
Anniversary coupon


To implement this use case, check those articles:

How to do it

Prepare use case that will consist of 4 steps:

  1. Import user base
  2. Prepare coupon pool
  3. Prepare an email template
  4. Prepare workflow

Import user base

To be able to send an anniversary message to your users, you have to store information about when each user registered to your base. You can do it via import - prepare a csv file, which in basic format may contain only 2 columns:

  1. email addres.
  2. registration date.
Important: Remember to prepare this use case, the registration date must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Import the prepared file to Synerise as import Clients according to the manual found here. Remember that your base should be updated with the newly registered users. You can import them by:

  • Preparing CSV file with their data and upload it to Synerise.
  • API.
  • Sending registration date forms.

Prepare coupon pool

Note: In this article, you will find the rules and procedures needed to create and use voucher pool in Synerise.

On user registration anniversaries, it’s good to send each of them individual coupon codes with a discount. To do it you will have to import to Synerise coupons previously prepared in your ecommerce platform, which will apply the appropriate discount in the shopping cart.

  1. To import such coupons, go to Vouchers and prepare a Voucher pool, to which you will add your coupons.
  2. Add an obligatory Pool name, and set the Emission start and end dates.
  3. When the pool is created, click Import and choose CSV with vouchers.
Screenshot coupon pool
Prepare coupon pool
Tip: Remember that your csv should have only 1 column, without a name.

Prepare an email template

To distribute coupon codes in an email, prepare a template - design banners, copy and add the ID of the coupon pool.

  1. Go to Communication > Emails > Templates > Drag&drop builder or Code editor to create an email template..
  2. Click Inserts in the upper right corner, find Pools on the list of inserts, then choose the Coupon pool prepared in the previous step.
  3. Copy and paste the Jinjava code of the pool in the place where the coupon code should be shown to the user. Instead of {% voucher %} voucher-hash {% endvoucher %}, a user will see a unique coupon code..
Screenshot presenting email template for anniversarie coupon
Prepare an email template
Tip: If your codes have the appropriate format, you can insert them as barcodes, details here.

Prepare workflow

To start sending your prepared email template you have to create a workflow, which in basic configuration may look like the one below. To do this, go to Automation > Workflow > New workflow.

Screenshot presenting workflow
Prepare workflow

1. Add the Audience ans attribute

To start the journey for every user who has a anniversary on a given date, select the Audience node.

Screenshot presenting adding the trigger
Add the trigger
  1. Set the Run trigger to repeatable.
  2. Select 1-day interval.
  3. Select the New audience tab.
  4. Click Define conditions.
  5. Define three conditions, every has a registration date, the first one matches the current day, the second matches the current month, and the third one doesn’t match the current year:
    Screenshot Prepare anniversary attribute
    Prepare anniversary attribute

2. Set up the anniversary email

When you finish setting up the anniversary attribute, you can set the Send Email node by selecting the appropriate email account, choosing the template that you prepared previously and adding the email subject and UTMs.

Screenshot presenting Set the Send Email node
Email datail

3. Prepare the final settings

  1. Add End nodes where the workflow should finish for users.
  2. Define capping.
  3. Optionally, add titles to each node so the workflow will be more understandable to your colleagues.
  4. Name the workflow.
  5. To save it as a draft, click Save, or activate the workflow by clicking Save & Run.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.