Segmentation is a method of organizing customers into groups that share the same characteristics. Customers can be segmented according to various criteria.

You may segment the database with regard to geographical criteria, so you can group them according to their place of residence. You may group them with regard to their demographic profile (age, gender, occupation, or education), behavioral profile (behavior on the website or purchased products) or psychographic profile (group customers according to their interests, preferences or opinions).

Contacts segmented in such way make it possible to optimize promotions, and match the content and means of communication according to their preferences and needs.

Business benefits

  • Effective matching of customer needs
  • Better communication with customers
  • Effective acquisition and retention
  • Enhanced profits for business
  • Reduced costs


You need to have a customer database. You can either acquire customers by tracking website traffic or you can import them to Profiles.

Segmentation example

Image presents the construction of the Add years formula