Condition nodes explained

This type of nodes allows users to define the circumstances that need to exist so the automation could continue. The conditions can be divided into two groups: customer-related and general.

Usage guidelines

  • Conditions cannot be used as the starting point of the automation.
  • Conditions are not tracked in automations by default. If you want to have statistics or include information about the movement of a customer to a specific condition on a client card, you need to turn this option on in the settings of a condition.
  • All condition nodes allow for more than one path to let users define separate paths for the scenarios when the conditions are met or not.

This category of nodes is recommended to be used in the customer-oriented journey. Users can define the type of audience that proceeds between the steps in the journey or check whether they performed a specific activity.

  • Client Filter
  • Client Event Filter

General triggers

This category of nodes allows to prepare alternative paths a journey can go when conditions are not met or if you want to test some solutions such as effectiveness of templates.

  • ABx Test
  • Metric Filter
  • Event Filter (available soon)